Ope Auditions for Project Performer

Project Performer offers a platform based in South Africa, namely Durban, whereby aspiring artists can develop their art forms, and then present their chosen pieces to a panel of industry professionals. This opens up opportunities for them in the South African and larger entertainment industry.

It is unique because there are other platforms that take one through provincial and then national rounds, then take one overseas with the focus on being signed in the US. There are many elements that make this more difficult to pursue.

Project Performer offers coaching from some of South Africa’s best and I, as director, am also an artist, so this sets the platform aside from other platforms which are effectively businesses.



Project Performer deals with all styles and facets of dance, singing and acting, and this year we have added an “instrumental” section. Categories are vast to ensure all elements are covered in each art form.

In the singing category, for example, soloists and groups may enter in the category of musical theatre/Broadway or pop/contemporary, singer/songwriter or Open. Acting categories cover comedy for film, comedy for theatre, dramatic acting for film, dramatic acting for theatre, presenting, commercial and Open.

Dance categories cover ballet/contemporary, hip-hop, choreography and Open, while the new “instrumental” categories cover classical, contemporary, self composition and Open.



The criteria are general at the Open Auditions. We look for attitude firstly, and thereafter talent potential for the industry. Attitude and mindset is everything. We can teach the additional skills, but it is more difficult to change attitude. The auditions in categories one enters are about a minute each – we will know in the first 10 seconds whether someone will work for the programme. We also look for heart and connection, technique, pitch, tone and the like. We also welcome the out-of-the-box approach. Being original is key.


One is then possibly offered a callback to discuss moving forward with the programme and what the commitment entails.

If we are looking at a national organisation we consider where the various branches are, how they interact and how big a team is involved overall.

We scout for talent all over the country, and The Project Performer Studio is based in the heart of Hillcrest. I have various scouts in Cape Town and Gauteng, and because we are only in the second year, we are growing all the time, which means there is a potential to go international.

Partnerships with big organisations (educational and political) are being formed – watch this space! – and we are in the midst of looking for suitable sponsors too.

The Project Performer team consists of photographers, videographers, judges, additional scouts and crew. We have 28 members in the team, from all around the country, and everyone goes through my communication and lead.


Ope Auditions for Project Performer
Dates: To be announced
Phone: 0814289501
Venue: Project Performer Studio